Our Ministries

Bible Study

The Ezra group gathers every Tuesday to study and learn the life governing priniciples from the Word of God for Christian Life and Witness.
The Goal is to Study, Apply and Teach the Word as laid down in Ezra: 7: 10

Prayer Groups

Intercessors gather twice a week to pray for the needs of the Church and the nation. Answered prayers are the encouragement that keeps them going.
Women intercessors come together every Thursday at 10.30 a.m. and pray for an exhaustive list of prayer requests given. On Saturdays, the believers gather for Intercessory prayer at 5. 45 p.m followed by Fasting prayer at 6.45.p.m. You can find more information in the Events section.


In Vizianagaram, every 2nd Saturday, Leaders from different branches gather to be challenged by the Word and also share their burden . The goal is to raise Biblical Leaders with who will serve with Right Convictions of the Truth for the Glory of God. Also every 1st Tuesday, Leaders gather in Tummarada, Bobbili.

Phoebe Fellowship

This Fellowship is the Women's wing of the CPF. They meet every Friday for a time of Worship and are enriched in the Word of God. Their desire is to be servants of the Church as Phoebe was and as to the meaning of her name, be pure and radiant for Christ. You can find more information in the Events section.

The Conqueurors

The Boys and Girls gather every week to learn from the Word and sharpen their talents to use it for the Glory of God. They also have special time of prayer to be strengthened in their spiritual lives. The aim is to be more than Conquerors through Christ by living challenging lives in a compromising age. You can find more information in the Events section.

Kids Ministry

The children attend Sunday School every Sunday. Lessons from the Word of God is taught in a systematic manner with the help of child evangelism syllabus. Three academic exams are conducted from this year. Apart from academics, other activities are conducted every year. They are also given opportunity to perform in the Christmas pageant every year. The task of sowing the seed in good soil is carried on faithfully by commited teachers.

Outreach Programs

Every Sunday evening village outreach is done by the branch Churches which eventually leads to Church planting. During the week outreach is done in Youth hostels and invitation is given to attend Worship service on Sundays. Some attend and have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Some after their studies stand as witnesses for Christ in their respective places.

Hebron School

Hebron English Medium School was started with a vision to give good education at a time when there were very few schools in Vizianagaram. The goal is to cater to the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of a child and to create employment opportunities for young girls who are in need. It all began in the year 19 when Mrs.Ruth Jacob rented a small premises and started by faith. By the Grace of God, in 1984 Hebron School moved to its own premises. The School started functioning in two sheds initially. Ever since, God has blessed the School and today it is well equipped. The challenge however lies in the progress of the School. Though it is slow, we have not deviated from the vision that God has given. The overall student strength of the School continues to be low and thus the financial position is not encouraging. For this reason we are not able to pay decent salaries to appoint better teachers. This is the challenge that the School has been facing for quite sometime and please continue to uphold in your prayers.